Plainly Speaking offers the following services to improve how your organization communicates:


Brand and voice

Your organization may have a great visual identity, but do you have a clear, consistent brand and voice? Your brand determines who you are and who you aspire to be, while your voice establishes your personality. It shapes your messaging and communicates your value. We work with you to build your brand and find your voice.


Communications planning

With so many platforms and tools at your disposal, it can be a challenge to communicate clearly and consistently. A solid communications plan will clarify your priorities, identify the best tools and tactics, and establish an implementation plan. We also develop editorial calendars to guide your communications activities throughout the year.


Editorial guidelines

Your organization’s credibility and professionalism depend on clear, consistent writing. We prepare style guides and editorial guidelines that ensure high-quality, professional communications at every level.


Plain language audits & strategies

Need a communications overhaul? We conduct plain language audits of your organization’s internal and external communications – from emails to reports, internal documents, marketing materials, web content and more. We review your messaging and offer recommendations for improvement, including tangible steps you can take to enhance your organization’s writing and messaging.