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Plainly Speaking helps organizations and professionals communicate clearly with training and coaching designed to boost your brand, improve your writing and enhance your messaging. After all, if you can connect with your audiences, you’ll convert and convince them.

Why we’re different

At Plainly Speaking, we fully customize our training and coaching packages. We believe the best learning takes place when you can draw a direct benefit from content that is tailored to your industry, organization or the issues you deal with every day. That’s why we take the time to get to know you. We work with you to target your organization’s needs and participants’ goals. It’s an approach that yields results every time.

Our instructors

The Plainly Speaking teaching team is composed of communications professionals with backgrounds in journalism, corporate and government communications, public relations and writing and editing. Each of us brings real world experience and a dynamic, interactive approach to teaching.

You did an excellent job in developing a customized session for us and following up with personalized feedback.


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Training & Coaching

At Plainly Speaking, we deliver practical, hands-on courses and coaching to target your specific communications needs. We work with you to craft an approach that will achieve your goals, improve communications and enhance productivity—saving you time and money. Our offerings include:

Plain Language Writing

Be a better writer.

Clear communication captivates people and compels them to act. Whether you write reports, craft corporate messaging, blog or prepare presentations and speeches, your words matter. Plain language gets your message out clearly and concisely.


This interactive course will help you write in clear, plain English—saving your organization time, money and effort. You will learn how to:

  • plan your content before you begin writing
  • craft clear, effective and compelling content
  • target your writing to your audience
  • present complex information clearly and concisely
  • edit and test your writing to improve readability
  • improve your writing style
  • achieve impact with memorable content

Our approach

Our Plain Language Writing courses and workshops are offered in half-day, one-day and two-day formats. This course delivers award-winning plain language writing techniques, tailored hands-on exercises and detailed individual feedback. The course can be fully customized to meet your messaging needs by industry, cause or government department.

Writing for the Web

Maximize your website’s potential.

Great web writing connects with users. It fills their information needs with content that is easy to find and clearly written. It compels them to take action.


This practical, hands-on training will help you draw users to your website and keep them coming back for more. You will learn how to:

  • organize your content
  • create effective, clear messaging
  • write for different types of audiences
  • target your content to meet users’ needs
  • present complex content in plain language
  • use key words to increase your search engine rankings
  • edit web content to improve readability
  • achieve your communications goals

Our approach

We use our proven web writing formula to equip you with the tools you need to become a better web writer. We customize all exercises and provide detailed individual feedback along the way. Writing for the Web can be fully tailored to meet your messaging needs by industry, cause or government department. We offer both one- and two-day courses.

Effective Emails

Achieve better results with email.

Every email is an opportunity to communicate, convince or convert. Too many miss the mark. Isn’t it time you maximize your messaging potential?


Whether you want to communicate more clearly, improve your sales pitch or ensure your message gets attention, this course will vastly improve your email writing skills. You will learn how to:

  • write clear, concise emails that get to the point
  • create subject lines that ensure your emails are opened
  • organize your emails for quick and easy reading
  • respond to emails effectively
  • deal with angry or aggressive emails
  • avoid common email writing pitfalls

Our approach

This course is offered in half-day and full-day formats. We teach email writing best practices and round out the learning experience with targeted exercises. Each participant receives detailed feedback and tips for improvement.

Brand Building

Make an impact. Define your brand—and live it.

How solid is your brand? More than a logo or image, your brand is an important strategic tool. When done right, your brand architecture and strategy will help you position your product, service or organization in the hearts and minds of your target audience.


Through this two-day workshop, you will become a brand builder and ambassador. You will define your brand, design your brand architecture and craft your brand promise. You will discover how to:

  • use branding to maximize awareness, sales or your image
  • define your brand’s personality and style
  • position your brand with key audiences
  • design your brand architecture
  • determine your brand touchpoints
  • identify the systems in place to deliver on your brand
  • craft your brand promise
  • integrate your brand at every level of the organization

Our approach

Our Brand Building workshop is entirely results-driven. We work with you over two days to define and build your brand using our step-by-step approach. You will leave the session with a clear vision and action plan for integrating your brand architecture and promise into everything you do.

Media Relations

Sharpen your media skills.

You have seconds or mere minutes to communicate your message to the media. Discover how to interview with confidence and ease—all while staying on message.


This media relations course is designed with media spokespersons in mind. It aims to improve your approach and comfort in a variety of interview situations. You will learn how to:

  • manage requests for media interviews
  • understand the different types of interviews
  • conduct print, radio, online and television interviews
  • deal with difficult questions
  • craft clear responses
  • stay on message
  • communicate clearly

Our approach

This session teaches best practices in media relations for spokespersons. We put the emphasis on learning by doing. You will participate in practical, real world interview situations tailored to your industry, issues and needs. Media Relations is delivered to small groups in half-day and full-day formats. We also offer one-on-one coaching for executives.

Advanced Media Relations

Elevate your media presence.

As a seasoned media spokesperson or officer, you know all about the value of putting your best quote forward. This session is designed to help you strengthen your skills and approach.


Offered as one-on-one coaching or in a small group session, our Advanced Media Relations program delivers a refresher, some refreshing new insights and hands-on practice. You will gain knowledge and practical experience in how to:

  • manage different interview scenarios
  • deal with challenging situations and questions
  • craft stronger responses for different types of interviews
  • communicate clearly and connect with audiences
  • improve your personal presence and delivery

Our approach

This training is fully customized to your industry, issues and needs. We put spokespersons in the interview chair and run through a range of scenarios and lines of questioning. Whether you need a refresher or want to prepare for a specific issue, this course is for you. Advanced Media Relations is offered in half-day and full-day formats.

Media Messaging

Stand out and be heard.

Cutting through the media clutter requires skill and solidly crafted messaging that commands attention. It starts with understanding your audience, what they care about and why your message matters. Discover how to tell your story.


This workshop offers tips, techniques and practical exercises to allow you to develop strong messaging for traditional and social media. You will learn how to:

  • tell your story effectively in words
  • apply plain language techniques to increase your impact
  • craft a better, more compelling media release
  • plan and create engaging social media messaging
  • prepare messages for media Qs & As

Our approach

This training delivers the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to apply best practices in media messaging in your work with print, broadcast and social media. Offered as a half-day or full-day session, we tailor the topics to address your most pressing needs.

Crisis Communications

Be prepared. Know what to do when crisis strikes.

What steps should you take to prepare for the unexpected? Dealing with a crisis starts before it happens. Learn how to lay the groundwork for crisis communications planning.


In this session, you will learn how to plan for a crisis, handle the situation when it happens and manage your organization’s reputation. You will gain knowledge and skills to help you:

  • identify your organization’s potential threats
  • develop your crisis communications plan
  • know who to engage and how to engage them
  • communicate instantly and effectively when a crisis hits
  • tailor your messaging to different audiences
  • maximize the value of social media in a crisis
  • respond to media questions

Our approach

We offer a two-day Crisis Communications workshop tailored to your industry, risks, potential crisis scenarios and needs. You will leave the session with a draft crisis communications plan and skills that will help you deal with a crisis when it strikes.

We deliver group training and one-on-one coaching, fully tailored to your industry, audience and communications objectives. Our sessions are available in half-day, full-day and two-day formats.

Seminars & Webinars

We develop, customize and offer seminars, lunch’n learn sessions and webinars on a wide range of communications topics, including:

  • Clear Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Power Presentations
  • Social Media in a Crisis
  • Corporate Storytelling
  • Email Communications
  • Plain Language
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Web Writing

Contact us to learn more about our seminar and webinar offerings.


Whether you’re in the National Capital Region or further afield, we’d be pleased to speak with you about your plain language, writing and training needs. Contact us to set up a one-on-one consultation or to find out more about our services.

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