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Every organization has a story, but communicating it can be a challenge. We’ll help you craft messages that are clear, consistent and genuine – that resonate with your audience and keep them coming back.

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Plainly Speaking was founded in 2008. These days, we’re an expert team focused on providing clear, engaging content to clients across Canada and internationally. We write, we edit, we train – above all, we tell great stories.

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written in 2023
edited in 2023
trained since 2010

Why us?

Plain language

At Plainly Speaking, we specialize in plain language writing, editing and training. Our team has won eight international plain language awards.

Our writing is clear and accessible for everyone. We love everyday language and believe that simple is smart.


We work in Canada’s two official languages: English and French.


Our team has decades of experience in writing, editing, storytelling, communications strategy and training.



Think of us as an extension of your team: people who share your goals, know your business and get the job done.


Stories connect us and enhance your content.

Our journalism and writing backgrounds mean we have a knack for spotting stories, which we use to bring your brand to life.