Why plain language matters to us


Plain language is clear. It’s communication that people understand the first time around. What’s more, it saves organizations time and money. Just as importantly, it serves your reader, web user or listener while also serving you.

Why? It’s designed for quick and easy consumption. It’s not about dumbing down information; it’s about raising the bar with clear content and engaging messaging. Plain language is personal and it has personality.

At Plainly Speaking, our backgrounds in journalism and corporate communications took us down the plain language path. After years of telling stories and working with clients to improve the way they tell theirs, we learned that the most direct route to success is through plain language. We believe in it.

We are members of the Plain Language Association International and the Center for Plain Language in Washington, DC. We have delivered our workshops, courses, seminars and webinars to hundreds of professionals in the federal government, private sector and not-for-profit community. Their feedback tells us that we’re hitting the mark. We look forward to helping you do the same.