Brand strategy

Presenting Plainly Speaking


The team at Waterwood Communications is thrilled to launch Plainly Speaking, our training division. For years, we’ve been sharing the secrets to our success with professionals in a wide variety of fields through courses, seminars and workshops.

During that period, we learned about the huge demand for skills development, especially in the area of clear communications. Plainly Speaking was born out of our commitment to help people and organizations tell their story in a way that gets attention and yields results.

Whether you’re a media spokesperson looking to sharpen your messaging skills, an organization needing a solid brand strategy or crisis communications plan, or a professional with a burning desire to improve your written communication skills, we have the training and workshops designed to get you there.

What makes us special? Each of our offerings is completely tailored to your industry and organization. We ask you about your challenges and we build them into your learning. We strive to meet your needs by building practical, real world sessions that allow you to leave with better skills and a product that you can bring back to the office with you. A day spent with us is not a day away from your desk. It’s a day of doing—and when you return to the office, you’ll do so with enhanced skills.